Safety Net: Patient Assistance Programs

Barbara Weller

Guest Blog: Barbara Weller, Vice President of Finance

When a loved one is sick with a life-threatening illness, knowing that there are treatments available is comforting. Life-saving treatments priced out of the budget however, is less than comforting. Many chronic and life-threatening diseases require medications costing thousands of dollars. Most families find that their insurance does not cover all of the costs associated with these very expensive medications. Costs can accumulate from extremely high copayments and deductibles as well as other out of pocket expenses. And what about patients who do not have any insurance coverage at all? The added stress of the financial aspects of treatment can be devastating.

Patient financial assistance programs do exist. Yet most patients don’t know where or how to access these programs. After locating available programs, patients will need to navigate seemingly endless paperwork and red tape and wait to hear if their request will be granted. Once again, the stress level and burden of an already suffering patient elevates. Even after all of that, not every patient will be accepted in the assistance program. The truth is that funding is not guaranteed.

This is why BioPlus employs a dedicated staff of competent and compassionate team members who help our patients find any and all available funds. Working directly with the funding agencies, charitable organizations, and drug manufacturers on behalf of our patients, our team helps patients navigate through the extremely complex patient assistance program process.

Our team derives very deep and personal satisfaction from assisting these patients in need. Receiving comments like these are very rewarding:

    • “I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help guiding us through this maze of paperwork and foundations. We are very thankful for the grant and so appreciative for what you have done.”
    • “Just a note to thank you for all your help in getting John assistance. Words cannot express our gratitude. We will be forever grateful.”
    • “Thank you so much for guiding us in the start of Diane’s hepatitis C medical attack on her disease. There is so much smiling and happiness going on around here – you are obviously part of the reason.”

Feedback like this is part of the reason it’s so easy for BioPlus to continue our efforts to accommodate our patients financially. Researching grant money available, partnering with foundations, and finding new charitable organizations to ease patients financial burden is part of the daily workload of our Patient Finance department. Yes, the paperwork can be a hassle, but the satisfaction felt when an approval letter arrives and a patient receives funding to continue their treatment, makes it all worthwhile.

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