A Special Touch

Brittany Trane knew that she’d really found the right place to work, soon after starting at BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. One of the first patients she interacted with was Craig*, a patient with multiple sclerosis, who had been prescribed a new medication, called Rebif®.

Rebif is used in the relapsing form of multiple sclerosis, to decrease how often a person experiences flares of symptoms. It can even delay physical disability. Obviously, Craig was anxious to start treatment and hopefully minimize the health problems of his multiple sclerosis. But as he arrived to his local retail pharmacy to fill his new prescription, he got the sticker shock of his life: his part of the bill came with a co-pay of $2,000. Craig couldn’t afford to pay all of this co-pay; he couldn’t afford anything close to it.

In despair, he returned to his doctor’s office to see if anyone could help him. Craig’s nurse called BioPlus to see if a specialty pharmacy would have any different options than the retail pharmacy.

This is where Brittany enters the story. When she picked up the phone with the frantic nurse, desperate for affordable medicine for her sick patient, Brittany shared the good news that, yes, she could help. Brittany worked with a non-profit patient assistance foundation and secured a $5,000 grant for Craig. His co-pay would now be zero. BioPlus could fill his prescription right away and Craig could get back to healing, instead of struggling with medical bills.

Craig and his doctor’s office now know something BioPlus has talked about for a long time: there is a difference between a specialty pharmacy and retail pharmacy. Specialty pharmacies come with a special touch.

* Not his real name.

Stephen C Vogt, PharmD
President and CEO
BioPlus SP



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