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Health care is going mobile more than ever before and BioPlus is meeting this mobile challenge. By the end of this year, the mobile health app marketplace is expected to reach $26 billion as consumers increasingly turn to mobile application solutions to manage healthcare. Both patients and doctors are on-board with mobile health-related apps. A key value with mobile health apps is their potential to help control health care costs, which is why predictions continue to call for an explosion of mobile apps in the future of the healthcare industry.

Mobile apps offer powerful solutions to a common complaint of medical offices: there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Recently, an American Medical Association (AMA) study was conducted about how time is spent by physicians.

A doctor’s typical day:

  • 1% of time spent on direct clinical face time
  • 2% of time goes to EHR (electronic health record) and desk work (documentation and review, test results, medication orders, other order tasks such as referrals)
    • Of this time, 38.5% was spent on documentation and review tasks, with the remainder spent on test results (6.3%), medication orders (2.4%), and other orders (2.0%).
  • 1% of the day goes to administrative tasks (0.6% insurance and 0.5% scheduling)
  • 9% of time is devoted to other tasks (transit, personal, and tasks that were closed to observation in this study)

Note: this adds to greater than 100% because some tasks were recorded in two categories.

In addition, each physician recorded and additional 1-2 hours of after-hours work each night, mostly devoted to EHR tasks.

An especially telling statistic from this study found that for every hour a doctor provides direct clinical face time to patients, nearly 2 additional hours are spent on EHR and desk work within the clinic day. The more time doctors spend on paperwork and the computer means that less time is available for what really matters to most doctors: direct, clinical face time with their patients.

Echoing the AMA research, other sources have compiled the time use of medical doctor offices and found the following areas add up to major time drains for doctors and their staff:

  • 20 hours per week on insurance administrative tasks
  • 23 weeks per year by nursing staff working on insurance claims
  • 3 weeks per year spent by physician dealing with health plans
  • 44 weeks per year by clerical staff addressing insurance claims

What does this add up to? $23-31 billion in costs each year to U.S. physicians of time-consuming interactions with insurance companies.

BioPlus has heard these laments from doctors and their staff loud and clear. Physicians shared with us that they are spending too much time and too many resources tracking down patients and their specialty pharmacy prescriptions. We listened and the solution we created in a mobile app called RxCommunicator saves our physicians and their offices real time and real money. Simply put: there is no more guessing when their patients’ prescriptions will be ready because physicians now have our specialty pharmacy in their pocket.

RxCommunicator opens the door to the specialty pharmacy, letting physicians track their patients’ prescription process in real time, all while keeping patient data secure and HIPAA-compliant. Individual prescriptions can be tracked from the physician’s initial referral all the way until the prescription arrives at a patient’s door, with real-time workflow tracking that shows when each patient is admitted, when prescriptions are filled, and if there are any steps in the process that require attention.

The quick and easy badging system shows, at a glance, information about financial assistance, shipping notices, and referral forwarding. The 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee from BioPlus is readily viewed, with an on-screen timer for each patient for the duration of their admission process.

An initial group of nearly 100 medical doctor’s offices who downloaded and have been using RxCommunicator have already provided very positive feedback in terms of the ease of use and both time and money saving benefits of this mobile app.

RxCommunicator is available to download for both iOS and Android users.

Learn more about RxCommunicator.


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