Time is of the Essence

The chilling words of a cancer diagnosis can make time seem to stand still. However, experts know how important it is to keep the medical process moving quickly: progressing from diagnosis to a treatment plan, then all the way to treatment implementation. Prompt treatment lessens the chance that a cancer will spread and increases survival rates. Common causes of delay include financial barriers and scheduling issues.

The time to treatment initiation is clearly connected to mortality, according to research reported earlier this year by the Cleveland Clinic in a study of patients newly diagnosed with cancer. The study pulled data from the National Cancer Database to correlate the number of days between diagnosis and first treatment in patients diagnosed with early-stage solid-tumor cancers. Delays harmed survival rates for breast (stage I and stage II), lung, kidney, pancreatic, and stage II colorectal cancers.

Simply put: delays are unacceptable. This is why BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy values timely fulfillment of all our patients’ specialty pharmacy needs. In fact, our new program, RxExpress, makes us 5x faster than other specialty pharmacies. We view getting medications to our patients quickly as a very high priority.

The RxExpress program starts with our 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee, which lets physician offices know quickly if a patient can be serviced here. Wasting no time, we move on to our 2-Day Ready 2 Ship promise to have prescriptions ready to ship to patients in just two days (pending appeals and prior authorizations) which will deliver medications via free overnight shipping. This promptness is crucial for patients, since faster service means faster treatment.

Throughout the RxExpress program, and beyond, our patient financial assistance department works to ensure that financial barriers are overcome so patient treatment can both start and continue. Just this year, we’ve connected oncology patients with $30 million in patient assistance, in the form of grants, co-pay assistance, and donations.


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