Patient Access = Patient Treatment

When medications exceed the financial resources of a patient, it can create a seemingly insurmountable barrier to accessing important treatment. It’s pretty hard to get better if you can’t fill (or refill) your prescribed medications. Here at BioPlus we spend a lot of time thinking about patient access to treatment, which is why we’ve long had a patient financial assistance program to help patients overcome financial roadblocks to their treatment.

Did you know that someone with cancer is 2.5 times more likely than another person from the general population to file for bankruptcy? This is how serious the financial challenges of a health crisis can be. It gets worse, though. When severe financial distress results in bankruptcy, that itself becomes a risk factor for worsened survival times. Although there is variation, based on the type of cancer a person has, about 3% of cancer patients end up bankrupt. These patients, in turn, are nearly 80% more likely to die than non-bankrupt cancer patients.

By now you’re probably getting the idea that research clearly connects the dots between the patient portion of the cost of medication and whether or not patients can start or refill their prescriptions. Furthermore, the connection between adherence and patient outcome is clearly known: non-adherent patients face worse health outcomes and greater disease complications. And, as you also probably know, we’re in the business of helping patients get better.

Our financial assistance department is a key part of our overall service of RxExpress – which makes BioPlus faster than most other specialty pharmacies for taking a prescription from hot-off-the-prescriber’s-pad to a patient’s hands. It all starts with our 2-Hour Patient Acceptance Guarantee that streamlines the first step of the specialty pharmacy process. Our 2-Day Ready 2 Ship program follows close behind, which gets prescriptions ready to ship in just two days. The financial assistance for our patients is an integral part of this entire process.

The financial assistance department at BioPlus assists and supports patients with ways to connect with financial resources, helping patients access foundation grants and co-pay assistance programs. Looking over the past year, for example, our financial assistance team connected patients with $35 million of financial assistance, which allowed many patients with financial barriers to be able to start and continue their important treatment. We’re aiming even higher this year.


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