Opening the Door

Cancer treatments offer a better chance than ever before for an extended life or even a cure. However, none of that means much for a patient who can’t afford treatment.

The Patient Financial Assistance department at BioPlus specializes in helping patients overcome this obstacle by connecting patients with financial resources and accessing foundation grants and co-pay assistance programs. In the past year, the BioPlus financial assistance team connected patients with $35 million in financial assistance. This represents more than money – it’s the chance for patients with financial barriers to start and continue potentially life-saving treatment.

Our goal is to aid every patient so that finances never interfere with treatment access. I’m proud to share a recent story that illustrates just this scenario.

A patient diagnosed with prostate cancer was unable to afford his medication. Staff at the cancer center where he received his diagnosis feared that he wouldn’t be able to start treatment, since the patient had a very high co-pay and all the avenues of prostate funding that the cancer center looked into did not pan out. The last place the cancer center tried turned them down on a Friday afternoon.

In a letter to BioPlus, one of the cancer center staff members shared how she worried all weekend about this patient after the disappointing news on that Friday. Then on Monday morning, she noticed information from BioPlus about our patient financial assistance and reached out to us. We took a look at the patient’s prescription that very day and our financial counselors were able to get assistance in place with delivery scheduled for Tuesday, the next day. The staff – and patient, of course – were so relieved to start treatment promptly.

Partner with BioPlus, where we heal wallets and patients.

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